BAC08 Auto Charger for Battery generator Smartgen

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Nhãn hiệu: Smartgen
Model Number: BAC08
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The model bac08 battery charger adopts the latest switch power spare part and exclusively aim at the Chong of the lead sour storage battery Electricity characteristic but design, the suitable for lead sour battery adds to refresh over a long period of time.(float Chong)12 Vs biggest refresh electric currentFor the 8As, 24 Vs biggest refresh electric current to 8As.


1.Adopt two stages refresh a method(namely and first the Heng flow behind constant pressure way) auto-recharged, well refresh according to the storage batteryThe characteristic carries on refreshing, can keep the lead sour storage battery from leading refreshing, ability the biggest degree exaltation batteryLife span.

2.Be applicable to 12 Vs or 24 V storage battery set to refresh, 12 Vs|the choice with 24 Vs only need to pass to turn to refreshThe 12 Vs on the machine|the 24 Vs stir a code switch to carry out.

3.Have short-circuit proof and connect anti- protection function.

4.Refresh electric voltage, electric current to be worth adjustable all adjustable stanza.

5.Appearance LED shows:AC power designation refreshes designation.

6.Adopt switch the power type structure, input to communicate electric voltage scope breadth, the physical volume is small, the weight is light, efficiency Gao


Refresh characteristic to carry on refreshing and adopt two stages to refresh a method according to the storage battery, refreshing the mode BE"HengChange to flow a type", before the carrying of storage battery electric voltage is lower than to prepare to establish a value, refresh to flow to refresh for Heng;Give or get an electric shock in the XuThe pond carries electric voltage high after preparing and establishing a value, refresh electric current to go up but let up gradually with the carrying of storage battery electric voltage,Until after attaining to prepare to establish an electric current value, refresh to turn into to float Chong mode, refresh electric current to let up gradually at this time,The battery carries electric voltage to also go up to attain to prepare to establish a constant pressure value gradually and be to refresh electric current is smaller than a 0.3 As the battery is alreadyBasic be full of(refresh an indicator to put out), henceforth refresh electric current to only offset storage battery of from turn on electricity, andRefreshing for a long time is as well harmless to battery, namely charger since can maintain being full of of storage battery appearance, againEnsure the service life of storage battery.

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